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African Greetings Ltd is an innovative, dynamic & friendly design company at the forefront of inspirational greeting card publishing & wholesaling in Africa. We are now expanding in the gift stationery sector, with a brand new range of notebooks, notepads and framed wall art. There is a good reason why we chose the tag-line "Say it with meaning": all our products express meaningful, heartfelt sentiments. Our greeting cards make people feel special!
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Plain Bookmarks

These may be called Plain Bookmarks but they are certainly not dull... Take a look at the range of designs and you'll see what we mean! Our Plain Bookmarks are divided into categories for different occasions. Simply click on any of the images or gallery headings below to view all the designs available in each category.
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If you prefer bookmarks with ribbon tassles, we also have a fabulous collection of Ribbon Bookmarks.