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African Greetings Ltd is an innovative, dynamic & friendly design company at the forefront of inspirational greeting card publishing & wholesaling in Africa. We are now expanding in the gift stationery sector, with a brand new range of notebooks, notepads and framed wall art. There is a good reason why we chose the tag-line "Say it with meaning": all our products express meaningful, heartfelt sentiments. Our greeting cards make people feel special!
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Since his humble childhood growing up in a small village in Uganda, FRED MUTEBI has established himself as a premier international artist and compassionate humanitarian. His mastery of the art of woodcut printmaking has earned him global acclaim and recognition. His artwork has been featured in exhibitions in the Netherlands, Germany, France, Austria, South Africa, Uganda, Kenya, Japan, and the United States.

African Greetings is delighted to announce our collaboration with Fred Mutebi. Over the coming year, we will be publishing a range of his distinctive artworks on greeting cards and other products. The first of Fred's artworks that we have used is the one which he calls ‘One Man One Woman’, which graces one of our Love Cards. Another collection of 4 Fred Mutebi artworks appear in our African Art Cards range.

Visit Fred Mutebi’s own website and view a wider range of his artworks
Find out more about the fascinating process of woodcut printmaking

Fred Mutebi created an innovative and unique way to address important issues facing Uganda and the global community by launching Let Art Talk in 2007. The objective of the organization is to educate the diverse segments of Ugandan society by using common terms and creative techniques in order to encourage constructive change for a positive future. The mission is to use art as an educational tool to empower people and communities at the grassroots level. The goal is to transform lives by strengthening leadership, advocating reconciliation, and imparting problem solving skills.
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